I feel sorry for straight ppl bc they dont experience the emotion that is “im so gay”

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So Hannah and Kim started singing ‘Push it Real’ in Montas.

Which is the same song my boyfriend sings when we’re running late and I’m powerwalking but he’s a lot faster and just strolls naturally next to me.

Idk if its him trying to get me to keep pace or something but it’s really distracting and adorable



My brother did this to me once for my birthday. I think he got me like, this super nice keyring? Put it in about six boxes in a shoebox.

I love boxes, sure showed him.

I remember reading in the paper about how this couple lost their first baby to miscarriage, and because he was so worried about the baby the next time she got pregnant his body started reacting to the same symptoms and he had to get time off work for maternity leave because of the terrible morning sickness. I think it was in the Sun? idk

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I loved this part. It made me think so much about the conversations that shaped my life just before and after I arrived.

Here’s what I know:
- I am Rachel Lea after my late great-grandmothers Regina and Lillian.
- I was almost Rebecca Lily.
- If I were a boy I would have been Randy.
- My father wanted boy-me to be Rhys, but my mother really did not.

Do you know whom you’re named after or what else your name might have been?


-My full name is Simini-Laurén, or Simini Laurén, as there is some dispute as to the dash. On one document it was included and other not? I’m not sure. 

-My mom had been saving the name Simini since she was 8, when she lived in a very small town and there was a woman named Simini Udall and she like the name. I’m not named after her or anything, she just liked it. Later found out Simini Udall had been an art teacher, so that’s fitting I suppose. 

-Laurén is pronounced like LaRen, and was inspired by the actress Sophia Loren, because it was 1986. (again, not named after her per se, she just liked it). 

-My mom wanted to name my Simini-Laurén Brachelle (or Michelle?) Blocker, but my dad said no way. This is also why there’s argument about the hyphentation. 

-Not sure what I would have been named had I been a boy, probably Landen like my younger brother. When I was born and they told her she’d had a girl, my mom was so excited she jumped off the table yelling “A girl! a girl!!” Or so the story goes…

When she was 7 months pregnant, my mom had a dream where a baby boy unzipped her stomach*, popped his head out, said “Hello, my name is Russell, what’s your name?” And after that my mom was convinced that I was going to be a boy and I was going to be named Russell, so they never picked out a girl’s name. 

Smash cut to the hospital and the big surprise that I was, and am, a girl. They knew my middle name would be Yates, my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, and so when they read in a People magazine left at the hospital that mediocre 80’s pop star and actress Pia Zadora had just delivered a baby girl and named her K-A-D-Y**, they decided that the two names sounded nice together and that was good enough.

*My mom is a nurse midwife, you’d think even in her dreams she would know that this is not how birthing babies works.

** Kady Zadora followed in her mother’s footsteps and is also a singer. I last saw her as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m so glad this came up because I wanted to jump in here with this too. Because first of all, my mom did that changing the birth certificate at the last moment thing too. Added the LE in case I was a doctor, or a lawyer. I’m not, that LE never gets used. It’s much more formal and serious than I ever turned out to be. The Velvet Underground reference is much more where I live.

If I was going to be a boy, I would have been Jesse Clayton— purely so my mom could stand on the porch and yell “Jesse Clayton, you get in here out of the mud.” My mom is from Queens.

I’m loving this whole conversation, inspired by Brown Girl Dreaming and the reblogbookclub, about our parents deciding what to name us.

I’m named after a cat, not even kidding. My parents loved the show I, Claudius that was on in the 80s, and even though the mother/Queen of Rome character, Livia, was portrayed as a manipulative bitch (she was a real person in Ancient Rome and her beezy level is debated), they really liked the name. SO, they got this white cat and named her Livia.

When my mom got pregnant and they started thinking about names, my mom had a bunch of ideas: Isabelle, Christina, Alexandra… Girly late 80s names (although they also didn’t know if I was a girl or boy until I was born, and my mom did a similar thing as the mom in the above post who said, “It’s a girl!!!!”). Anyway my dad didn’t like any of those and was just like “No way. She shall be Livia.” And my mom was like “Well what about Olivia but we call her Livia?” And my dad was like “No.” So I am Livia-with-no-O, on my birth certificate, and I have to explain about the O situation 95% of the time when I meet people. But it’s fine, because I think Livia is way cooler.

My middle name is Christina, after my mom’s confirmation name, and my brother ended up being Alexander. And they still had Livia the cat when I was born, so they changed her name to Aivil, which is Livia backwards. The end.

My dad chose the name Hannah because he met a luge athlete with the same name and thought it was, and I quote, “unusual” (it was like the fifth most popular girls name that year) and my mum had wanted to call me Anna (she also really liked Octavia)

but I got my middle names, Jane and Philipa, because my parents accidentally gate crashed Christmas mass given by the Pope in Rome and when they discovered my mum was pregnant they blamed him - so I’m named after Pope John Paul and I’m not even catholic…

when my mum was pregant with my brother, she was absolutely sure he would be a girl, so she picked a girls name for him- Bethany- and did not even consider thinking of a boys name, because she was so sure he would be a girl. alas, he was a boy, so she and my dad chose a new name when he was born

5 years later, shes pregnant with me, and is sure that im going to be a boy, chooses the name Patrick for me, and gives no thought to a girls name. wrong again, im a girl, so they give me the name that was supposed to be my brothers.

My mum had had 3 kids before I came along. A boy and a girl by her first husband, and me and my sister by her second husband.

My mum got pregnant with my sister before her and dad married, so in all their wedding photos is a little bald baby in a ridiculously long dress (I mean what is the point of those things). I remember them telling me how my Dad’s granddad was really excited about her being a girl but said “Don’t call her Charlotte, because she will be nicknamed Lottie, and I can’t stand that name.” Lo and behold, my parents called her Charlotte. I don’t even remember why. They gave her the middle name Jayne, and so while he lived my Great Granddad always called her Lady Jayne. Funnily enough I’ve only once or twice heard anyone call her Lottie, and she’s always told them not to call her that, even before she knew how G.Granddad felt.

Myself, I was a tricky baby. Pre-birth I used to kick really badly whenever mum went past loud music (funnily enough, if I hear music nowadays and can’t dance to it because of the situation I get very agitated. I just HAVE to dance.). When I was born, I got the umbilical cord caught around my neck and so refused to be born for 10 days. I came out blue where I wasn’t able to breathe, and apparently my dad was so scared that I wasn’t going to make it he left the hospital and went back to work at the docks to take his mind off it. I was named Terri, after Teri Hatcher, my dad’s childhood crush or something, but my mum didn’t think it fit with my surname, so instead of giving me a middle name that I could decide to use or not, she gave me a double barrelled name. She also gave me HER name, which I don’t want to sound rude?? But I just don’t really like it. She also stuck in the extra R, even though I think Teri looks just fine.

Also my school science teacher kept forgetting and calling me Terri Hatcher, because my surname also starts with Ha. It was the most infuriating thing ever.










Fumblemore’s Cure-all

This first thing I thought of after seeing the last “to do” on this list was Xephos screaming to Fumblemore “OUR FRIEND IS SICK WITH TAINT!”  And that both Fumblemore and Peculier were played by Duncan; which led to this.


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those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.


Fantastic hybrids of menswear and corsetry by Sylvain Nuffer.

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water is wet

the sun is hot

leaves are green

Republicans are white

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Writing the dramatic death scene



In your head:


In paper:


this made me laugh so hard because it’s so accurate.



how long will it burn if it isn’t an emergency???????

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Hogwarts Quidditch designs. These were fun! Don’t know what to do with them first.